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    The CodeHook Team is in search for some sectional moderators. Moderators will be given 1,2, or maybe 3 forums to moderate. Moderators are expected to be intelligent individuals who are competent on how the hack works. Upon being selected to be a Moderator, you will be on a trial period for One Month, after which, the rest of the staff will decide if you should be promoted to the position of full time Moderator. Moderators must follow all the requirements listed below to even be eligible to apply.

    Moderators will be given access to the Private Moderator forum. They will also be eligible to receive 1 free hack or upgrade after they have been promoted from a Trial-Moderator to the position of Moderator. Also if we are in need of more Super Moderators we will promote a Moderator to this position. Becoming a moderator is your gateway to becoming a full time staff member on CodeHook, and to play a key part in our future success.

    Requirements for Moderator:
    -100 posts +
    -English is native language, if not they must have mastered the English language
    -Been a customer for at least 4 months
    -Past posts must be useful and show that they know how the hack works

    Moderators Needed per Section:
    -General (1)
    -Customer Support (2)
    -Pisti Upgrade Group (1)

    Application Form for Moderator:
    Sub-Forum(s) You Want To Moderate:
    Hack(s) That You Own:
    Amount of Hours You Can Dedicate Per Week:
    Administrative Positions You Held In The Past:
    Why Do You Want To Be Moderator?

    Send your application by PM to jay.