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How to disable DEP and/or User Account Control? (Vista/Win7 Users)

How to create correctly a config (executable) file?

Make sure you follow all the steps, otherwise you might get detected! Explaination - Creating config (executable) file.

Virtual Key Code list

Useable for codehook hidden binds and for aimbot key. Virtual Key Code List.

Invalid Globally Unique Identifier? *IMPORTANT*

This is a message you get when you're trying to use the client on a different computer, in the case you received this message, please visit this forum. note: if you're Hungarian or Slovenian you can request the reset speaking your own language! Explaination - Account Reset

How to get support via TeamViewer?

If you tried to fix your issue, but you're unable then feel free to ask for help via Teamviewer using the following link - TeamViewer Support Team

Where to download the CodeHook Login System?

What to do if my game is crashing?

If your game is crashing, then please follow this link - Game/Login System Crashfix

What to do if I notice injection error?

If you notice the following error, please follow these steps - Injection error solutions.

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