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Can I get banned for using the hacks?

The hacks barely ever get detected, but however if you're hacking you always take a risk. Be sure you check the Detection status daily it's increase your chance to avoid getting banned. (notice: if you've been banned do not spam the forums and read before posting)

How do I eligible a refund?

You may request a refund for any reason if you're in that 24 hour period that we guarantee (Terms & Conditions) if you're over that 24 period we're not able to refund your payment NO exceptions.

How do I update my PB correctly?

It's very easy. Your need to go to your Call of Duty folder and then you need to remove your whole Punkbuster (files/folder) if you done it then your next step is to restart your computer and once you've done it all, update/download the latest Punkbuster version using PBSetup (google it) it's always foundable on their site - Punkbuster - PBSetup.

How can I contact Warlord or Pisti?

You simply need to send an email to - xwarlordx@gmail.com (PLEASE WAIT FOR THE ANSWER AND DO NOT SEND MORE THAN ONE EMAIL!)

How can I know the detection status of the hacks?

You should daily check this! - Detection Status - All games - Bypasses

Where can I see the staff list?

Hack Swapping?

Everyone is able to swap their hacks 3 times (after 3rd swap the owner must purchase the other hack if you wish to use - NO exceptions) However swapping over to Call of Duty 4, CoD:WaW, MW2, Black ops or to MW3 is not allowed, don't even ask for it!

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