I have been a Codehook user for around two years, and never got to make a testimonial.

The Aimbot is about a 7/10

The ESP gets around a 9/10

The support has to get a 10/10

The detection rate 10/10

Now, over all this hack is 9/10

I will have further details about the hack below.

To start things off, the Aimbot could use some updates.

Lets get into some examples, the Aimbot has prediction. That is good and all, but its ping based, why have an option to automatically adjust to your ping. A Triggerbot would be nice. Along with a Triggerbot key, make once held down its on, and when released it is off.

The Aimbot needs more aim points, different areas, neck, head, chest, spine, and so on. And the Aimbot can mess up, the silent aim has too many bugs, and needs to be solved.

What about that darn shaking with automatic weapons? Just put in rapid fire, it is in Pisti's upgrade but I shouldn't pay for a fix. However, they did fix the shake on semi-automatics. So I can't say they're not trying.

One thing is to put in aim-time, put it in milliseconds, this can make it great when using aimbot, for a quick correction onto the target. This is done in cheats for games like Counter Strike: Source.

Over all the Aimbot gets the job done, it just needs more updates, and fixes. I'm not knocking anyone here, but its constructive criticism. It does have a few problems with shaking from time to time, due to "Intelligent Aimbot" I hope that it could have the option to be removed, and only goes for the aim point.

It would be nice to have a RGB scale for the chams, like they do in the other Call of Duties.

I wish the wallhack could show through all walls, some walls disable the wallhack, but that's why we have Name ESP! A bomb ESP would be nice.

The ESP is nearly perfect, fair play to Warlord on this.

Now for the support. I use to be an ex-moderator, and I stand by 100% of these moderators, staff members, admins. There is no question these guys want to help you.

I support Codehook, it has its problems, it needs some updating, but I am happy I never got banned for Codehook. So it's worth the price.